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Showing Value

Use your budget to tell your story

Show me the money, or more importantly, where it went. Funders these days tend to be more hands on than in the past. A long history of operation, a stellar reputation and widespread name recognition are no longer enough to …

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Foundation Grants in 2014

Our grant giving forecast

Like everyone else, non-profits and charitable foundations were affected by the anemic economy of the last several years. When stocks dropped precipitously in 2008, so did the ability of many charitable foundations to issue grants, as they watched their trust …

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Understanding the Grant Review Process

Write for the reviewer

  • Each funding source has its own review process.
  • Federal agencies generally use external panelists to review proposals.
  • State agencies generally use staff as external panelists to review proposals.
  • Panelists are given a proposal rating sheet and are instructed to assign

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A Good Story Can Win Grant Dollars

Statistics are fine, but don’t forget to tell your story

Grant applications, like everything else in our highly digitized world, are increasingly data driven. It’s understandable that donors like to see big numbers. As the effects of the Great Recession linger, everyone wants to stretch the dollar, including those giving …

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Grant Writing Secrets and Tips

Part 1

Below is a list of secrets and tips to help your grant writing efforts succeed:

  • Find out which foundations have given grants in your region similar to your planned proposal! Talk to those who got funded and ask for advice

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